The Theatre of Empty Stomachs

Today, Ittihadiya detainees including rights activists Yara Sallam and Sanaa Abdel-Fattah, will receive a verdict. Abdel-Fattah, like a number of other arrested activists, has been on a hunger strike for the last 60 days. Stories like hers were dramatized last week in a production titled “Cannula: Stories of Empty Stomachs.”

Update: Lebanese Security Releases Playwright Lucien Bourjeily’s Passport

Playwright Lucien Bourjeily (@lucienbourjeily), nominated to win a 2014 Index Freedom of Expression Award for his censored play “Is It Permitted or Not,” has just stated that, following the banning of his play, which “criticizes the General Security censorship bureau, today the General Security banned me in 2014 from traveling and perform another play in London next month…”


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