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10 Things To Remember About Syrian Poetry

To celebrate the launch of the “Critical Muslim’s” Syria issue, editor Robin Yassin-Kassab has made a list of “10 things to remember about Syria” that trends toward the positive: Maté, sufis, poetry, fatteh. ArabLit focuses on, No. 4, the poetry.

Translating Najwan Darwish: ‘Are There Any More to Come?’ or ‘Oh Give Me More!’

On July 11, Marfa Public Radio aired an interview with Lannan Writer/Translator-in-Residence Kareem James Abu-Zeid, who has recently been working on translations of work by Palestinian poet Najwan Darwish, Lebanese novelist Rabee Jaber, and Iraqi poet Dunya Mikhail. He spoke particularly about the challenges and excitement of translating Darwish’s collected poems.


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