Beyond Resilience: Jabbour Douaihy’s ‘American Neighborhood’

Celebrated author Jabbour Douaihy — shortlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF) and winner of the Prix de la Jeune Litterature Arabe for his “The Vagrant,” and also IPAF-shortlisted for his beautiful “June Rain” — has released a new book, “American Neighborhood,” which reviewer Mishka Mourani says is his “best novel yet.”

In Tripoli, Lebanon, Funding a Space for Book-lovers

The books and readers of Tripoli, Lebanon saw difficult times this winter, with the burning of the historic Al-Sa’eh bookshop. But the city came to the aid of its biggest bookshop, and now Najwa Sahmarani has galvanized a group to to fund a new “Alkindy” literary and cultural space, named for the ninth-century Iraqi philosopher.

Update: Lebanese Security Releases Playwright Lucien Bourjeily’s Passport

Playwright Lucien Bourjeily (@lucienbourjeily), nominated to win a 2014 Index Freedom of Expression Award for his censored play “Is It Permitted or Not,” has just stated that, following the banning of his play, which “criticizes the General Security censorship bureau, today the General Security banned me in 2014 from traveling and perform another play in London next month…”


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