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In Support of…Omar Hazek

Last week, there was a discussion of Alexandria poet Omar Hazek’s new book, “I Do Not Like This City,” recently released by Dar al-Ain. Unfortunately, the author wasn’t there, as he was in prison when the book was celebrated

Humphrey Davies on Choosing a Book to Translate: It Must Deal ‘With Things that Matter’

Last month, the AUC Press “Book Alley” discussed “Black Magic” and “Secret Pleasures” with author Hamdy al-Gazzar and translator Humphrey Davies. A video of the event was recently posted on YouTube; al-Gazzar discusses his writing process and personal “red line,” and Davies talks about what sort of books interest him, and what sort of challenges translating presents.

Poetry, ‘A More Serious Crime Than Murder’

It hasn’t been a good few weeks for Arabic-writing poets. In Iran, poet Hashem Shaabani, who published both in Persian and in Arabic, was executed for being an enemy of God and the state, according to rights groups. In Egypt, the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) declared that “writing poetry became a more serious crimt than murder” afer two police officers were suspended for their poetry.


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